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Building Department Reception Area

Building Department


Welcome to the Town of Saugerties Department of Safety and Buildings. 


The job of the Building inspector and Zoning Enforcement Officer is to ensure that buildings and structures within the town meet or exceed the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes and comply with Landuse Regulations.  Consult the Building Department before you construct or change use.


Office hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you have any questions please call or e-mail our office.



Building Inspector/Zoning Administrator

Alvah Weeks Jr. (AWeeks@saugerties.ny.us)

Phone: 845-246-2800 extension 332

Assistant Building Inspector
Kevin Brown
4 High Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone: 845-246-2800 x330
Fax: 845-246-0461
Assistant Building Inspector
Building Department
Bill Creen
4 High Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone: 845-246-2800 x370
Fax: 845-246-0461
Building Department
Kathleen Cappello
4 High Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone: 845-246-2800 extension 333
Fax: 845-246-0461
Municipal Code Aide
Building Department
Claudette Zinkow
4 High Street
Saugerties, NY 12477
Phone: 845-246-2800 extension 331
Fax: 845-246-0461
Building Department Fees - Effective July 1, 2012

For the building department fee schedules, see the "Documents" heading near the end of this page, below.


It's noted in several of those documents but is generally applicable -- "Any additional Engineering, Attorney and Consulting fees will be charged back to the applicant in addition to the application fee."

Requirements to File a Building Permit
  1. Must have permit to construct waste system from Ulster County Board of Health if installing an on site private system.
  2. Backflow preventers or R.P.Z.'s on public water supply.
  3. Well log for new construction.
  4. Driveway/approval or permit from Town, County or State if attaching an entrance to a public road or street. May not be required on private roads.
  5. Must have signed site plan from Planning Board if applicable.
  6. Must have Zoning Board of Appeals approval if applicable.
  7. Two (2) copies of survey for new construction of copy of most recent survey.
  8. Certificate that concrete meets ASTM C33 specs for aggregates.
  9. Must provide two sets of New York State Certified Engineered or Licensed Architect approved plans with original signature for all new construction projects in excess of 144 square feet or renovations to existing structures to be performed with a cost exceeding $ 20,000.00. located within 100 year flood plain. All renovations to be performed must have a narrative or drawn plans of work to be performed (if the renovations alter the structural integrity of the building the Department of Safety & Buildings reserves the right to ask the applicant to provide engineered or architect approved plans for the change). The original signed Engineered or Architect approved set of plans submitted will be retained by the Town of Saugerties Department of Safety & Buildings. The second set will be returned to the applicant after the reviewing process is completed by a Code Enforcement Officer to insure compliance with all applicable sections of the New York State Building Codes and the building permit i s granted. Building Inspectors reserve the right to require stamped plans for any work at their discretion.
  10. Completed plot plan to insure compliance with area and bulk regulations showing required set backs and lot coverage per Zoning Districts and site stormwater managements, soil and erosion control measures.
  11. RESCheck or COMcheck energy code compliance certification for R-values on all components in all buildings.
  12. Proof of signed maps filed with county, fees paid, bonds in escrow, fees in escrow accounts if applicable.
  13. Check for the building permit payable to the Town of Saugerties as per fee schedule approved by the Town Board.
  14. Check Required Insurance Info for Owner Occupied or Hiring Individual for Under 40 Hours Per Week or Required Insurance Info for Builders/Contractors as applicable to your situation.
  15. Completed, signed application.
Notice of Inspections and When Inspections are Called For
Owner/Contractor Notice of Inspections

Please take note that while a contractor may arrange for appropriate inspections for work being done it is primarily the responsibility of the property owner to call the Department of Safety and Buildings to notify us of your readiness for any inspection below which may apply to the nature of the work being performed at your site.  We ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice for scheduling any inspections.  Emergency inspections will be conducted as time permits.  We can be contacted at (845) 246-2800 extension 333 or via e-mail to Alvah Weeks at Aweeks@saugerties.ny.us.

The following inspections may apply in your circumstances.  If you're in doubt please call our office.

  1. Excavation for footing
  2. All forms before concrete poured walls or floors (prior to pour - not during)
  3. Waterproof foundation and footing drains
  4. Framing and rough in plumbing - pressure tests and waste test required for all plumbing (No exceptions)
  5. Fireplace Inspection, fire blocking and chimney chase inspections prior to enclosure
  6. Solid Fuel burning appliance inspections and chimney chase inspections
  7. Rough in and final Electrical inspections by a Town-approved third party electrical inspector (see "Building Department Forms" under "Links", above)
  8. Insulation and ventilation
  9. Decks, canopies, carports, garages and pool inspections
  10. Smoke detectors
  11. Carbon monoxide detectors
  12. Final Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy or Compliance
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